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From Eastman's Genealogy Newsletter:        1914 U.S. County Maps by State (link)                            The Fate of the 1890 Census - was it really ALL destroyed?

                                                                          Roots Television instruction video on how to label your digital genealogy photos (free)         New York Times' Immigration Explorer

A fun idea from the Bingham Creek Fair:     On the wall of the cultural hall were posted 8 by 10 pictures of 40 different temples.  Fair attendees were given a half sheet of paper numbered from 1-40. There was a prize for the person who could identify the most temples correctly.  Family History Center Director Mike Provard had taken all of the photos himself, as he traveled around the world.  He has them all framed and hangs them in his dining room at home.

Poster Idea shared by Joan Bosworth:        Poster description.       link to story source: 
Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Gospel Doctrine Teacher's Manual     lesson 39

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