Promises for Obedience:

        "In modern revelation we are told very frankly, brothers and sisters, that "when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated" (D&C 130:21).  I don't know how it is for you, but I have felt so often in my life so greatly blessed for what little obedience I have given.  My conclusion with regard to that verse is that the Lord's ratio of blessings to our obedience is a very generous ratio indeed.  He is so quick to reward us, so quick to reassure us, and so anxious to take delight when we serve Him.  So if you puzzle over that verse, as I have in life, including in recent times, the only bottom line I can give you is that the ratio of blessings to our minuscule obedience is a very, very generous ratio indeed."

Neal A. Maxwell,  BYU Dev.  -  January 12, 1999 - "Sharing Insights From My Life"

   Lord's Promise To You       What you must do              Reference
1. "Freedom that you can hardly dream of -- the freedom to feel and know, the freedom to do, and the freedom to be, at least a thousandfold more than we offer
him. Strangely enough, the key to freedom is obedience...."
             Obey God Boyd K. Packer, Address at Brigham Young University, 1971; quoted in Burton, ed., We Believe, s.v. Obedience to God
2. Freedom from social diseases, shame, degradation, and feelings of guilt. We are able to learn, progress, and achieve     Obedience to Righteous Principles "Obedience: The Path to Freedom" -    President James E. Faust - April 1999 Conference. 
3.  "By obedience we also gain knowledge." 
4.  "Obedience brings peace in decision making."
5.  "Obedience brings spiritual safety."
6.  The precious gifts of freedom and liberty.
          Obedience to God Obedience: The Path to Freedom" -    President James E. Faust - April 1999 Conference. 
7.  Safety from Sin and Sorrow.
8.  Physical Safety.
       Obey the Prophets Henry B. Eyring, April 1997 Conference
9.  "Peace--peace in a world where that word is hardly understood, let alone experienced.  When all the challenges pour down on you, you will have a quiet inner feeling of support.  You will be prompted to know what to do.  You can live in a world of turmoil and great challenge and be at peace."
10.  Builds Integrity.
11.  "Discipline is another fruit you harvest through obedience.  To be disciplined is to provide order and consistency to your life.  It will permit higher priority matters to rule over those that are of lesser consequence.  Righteous discipline is the backbone of noble character.  Your discipline will help you to consistently make correct choices in the use of your time and will facilitate the proper use of your agency. Self-discipline negates the need for forced discipline."
12"Another fruit (of obedience) is the capacity to work and to receive the joy that comes from productive work." 
13.  "Another fruit of your resolve to be obedient is to be demanding of yourself and to be charitable to others, to look for personal improvements that are required and be forgiving with those around you. You will develop a love of service, of giving, of reaching out.  Your first thought will not be of yourself as is so common in the world today, but of others around you."
14.  "Other fruits you will receive when needed are inspiration to know what to do and the power or   capacity to do it." 
               Obedience to God Richard  G. Scott -  Fireside Address at BYU, June 3, 1990 - "Fruits of Obedience"
15. "... will make us more Godlike,will fit and qualify and prepare us to go back and dwell in the presence of our Heavenly Father and to receive that plaudit: 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant.' "                Obey laws of God Heber J. Grant, Era, 42:713; Gospel Standards, p. 40
Through faith-inspired obedience you may receive strength, as did Nephi, to face your difficulties; to overcome problems of self-image, depression, and temptation; to cast your burdens on the Lord and be “filled with the power of God” (1 Ne. 17:48).                      Obedience Alexander B. Morrison, “SOS,” New Era, Jan. 1990, 4
“If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land."            Be Willing and Obedient (Isa. 1:19) - quoted by
Alexander B. Morrison, “SOS,” New Era, Jan. 1990, 4