New Era Posters and Mormon Ads:



“How to Gain a Testimony,” - Loren C. Dunn - Ensign, Jan. 1973 - Oct. 1972 Gen. Conf.

"I Testify" -  President Ezra Taft Benson - Oct. 1988

"Knowing That We Know" - Douglas L. Callister - Oct. 2007 Gen. Conf.

"Let the Clarion Trumpet Sound" - Gregory A. Schwitzer - Oct. 2015 Gen. Conf.

"The Importance of Receiving a Personal Testimony" - Robert D. Hales - Oct. 1994 Gen. Conf.

"Testimony" - President Gordon B. Hinckley - April 1998 General Conference

"The Power of a Personal Tesimony" - Dieter F. Uchdorf - Oct. 2006 Gen. Conf.

"The Witness" - Boyd K. Packer - April 2014 Gen. Conf.



"Exactly What is Testimony?" - Jeffrey R. Holland - May 1971 New Era (Questions & Answers, scroll down)

"Steadfast in Christ"   -   M. Russell Ballard  -  Dec. 1993 Ensign

“With the Sound of a Trump” -  Aug. 1985 New Era



"Blessings of a Testimony"  -  BYU Dev. by Merrill Bateman  -  January 5, 1999

"I Know What I Know", BYU Dev. May 18, 2004  -  Monte Brough

"Line Upon Line, Precept Upon Precept"  - David Bednar,   BYU-Idaho,    September 2001

"On How We Know", BYU Devotional September 20, 1994  -  Truman G. Madsen

Mexico Story  (story told by Pres. Hinckley in Gen. Conf.)


FHE Lessons, and Stories, etc. for Children

"Fireworks and a New Bike"  (about a little girl gaining a testimony) Friend, July '93

"Gaining a Testimony through the Holy Ghost"   (FHE Resource Book - lds.org)

LDS Media Library


Library Books and CD's

    "Filling Your Testimony Tank"  --  one audiocassette by Brad Wilcox  --  geared to the youth, but good for
       anyone.  Excellent analogies for a talk or lesson on testimony.