Adoption / Infertility

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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources) Adoption

LDS Adoption Help for Single Expectant Parents

General Resources

Child Welfare Information Gateway

How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Baby (4 Ways)

Mormon Channel: Church Makes Adoption Announcement - March 9, 2015

Planning for Adoption: Knowing the Costs and Resources

True to the Faith: "Adoption"Mormon Channel: Church Makes Adoption Announcement - March 9, 2015


"Adoption: Including the Whole Family" - Ensign

"Faith and Infertility" - Ensign

"Infertility: When Children Don't Come Easily" (LDSLiving)

"Learning to Cope with Infertility" - Ensign

"Our Blessing of Infertility" - Ensign

"The Gift of Adoption" - Ensign

"Why Adoption?" - Ensign

BYU Speeches

"Adoption: A Gift of Life, a Gift of Love" (adopted 2 Korean children)

"Don't Miss the Miracle" (adopting 2 Russian children)

"The Lord's Hand in Our Lives" - Cecil and Sharon Samuelson adopted twins from Guatamala"

Scriptures Adoption Scriptures

Videos Adoption Videos

His Grace: Unplanned Pregnancy, Adoption and The "Best Gift Ever"

Library Books

"For the Love of a Child: The Journey of Adoption"

"Searched the World Over for Elie: An International Adoption Story"