Armor Analogy


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Author Unknown

An analogy that might help the people: (If they know what a suit of armor is like and can picture it):

You could tell them that we are to take upon us the "whole armor of God" to withstand "the fiery darts of the adversary" (see l Nephi 15:24 and D&C 27:15-18).

Tell them each of the following is like a piece of armor that will protect them and their family:

l. Family Home Evening
2. Daily family prayer
3. Personal prayer
4. Attending church
5. Taking the Sacrament each week, after baptism
6. Going to the temple
7. Service to others
8. Ridding house of pornographic pictures, literature, music, movies
9. Eliminating spouse or child abuse
10. Bearing their testimony
11. Living the Golden Rule, honesty, integrity,
12. Cleanliness—clean up house and yard
13. Daily scripture reading
14. Following the living prophet
15. Chastity
16. etc.

And when they leave out some of these things, it is like leaving an area of their body and soul unprotected and Satan can get a foothold there and enter their lives.

And each time they do one of these good things, they become stronger and more able to resist temptation and receive more and more blessings.