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LDS.og: Resources for teaching Children about the Articles of Faith Lesson Helps for Teaching Children Media Library

Articles of Faith: (talks and teaching helps) Copy of the 13 Articles of Faith

General Resources

Articles of Faith (BYU link - Harold B. Lee Library)

Excerpt from: Spencer W. Kimball - "The Privilege of Holding the Priesthood"

Helps for teaching Articles of Faith (

"The Articles of Faith" (Free e-book by James E. Talmadge)

"The Articles of Faith" (

"Wentworth Letter" (text)



Quotes (Daily WOOL)

General Conference Articles

"The Articles of Faith" - L. Tom Perry

Additional Articles

"We Believe....: Development of the Articles of Faith" Ensign

BYU Speeches

"Your Articles of Faith" (Audio only)

"True to the Faith" - Gordon B. Hinckley (13th A. of F.)

Mormon Ads

"Create the Perfect Self Portrait"

"What's on Your Mind?"

FHE lessons, etc. for children

"Articles of Faith Matchup," The Friend (game for children)

"Articles of Faith Memory Quest" (

"Articles of Faith" FHE Lesson (Sugardoodle)

"The Articles of Faith: 13 Weeks of FHE lessons" (LDSLiving)

Word Search Puzzles: Articles of Faith

"Joseph Smith Writes the Articles of Faith" Lesson 36, Primary 5

"The Articles of Faith" Sharing Time (

Library Books and CDs

"We Seek after These Things: the 13th Article of Faith"