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General Resources

Elder David B. Haight shares his baptism experience - April 2003 Gen. Conf.

7 short Videos on Baptism


Baptism Quotes  (Daily WOOL)

Baptism Quotes

General Conference Talks

"Always Retain a Remission of Your Sins" - David A. Bednar - April 2016

"Born Again"  -  President James E. Faust  -  April 2001

"Keeping the Covenants We Make at Baptism" - Dwan J. Young - Oct. 1984

"Spiritual Power of Our Baptism" - Carol B. Thomas - April 1999

"The Covenant of Baptism: To Be in the Kingdom and of the Kingdom" - Robert D. Hales - Oct. 2000

For Children

Analogy used at a Stake Baptism

Baptism (True to the Faith Manual at

Baptism ( - Stories / Activities / Media)

"Baptism and the name of Christ"    (FHE lesson from Resource Book)

Ideas for Baptism (for children 8 years old)    (link to

Ideas for Baptisms (for 8-year-olds) (link to

"Baptism" talk (link to the Strong Armor

"Understanding Baptism" - June 2013 Friend Magazine

"Washed Clean" - President Boyd K. Packer - April 1999 Friend Magazine

Family Home Evening Lessons  Family Home Evening Resource Book - Lesson 13 -"Baptism and the Name of Christ"  FHE Resource Book - Lesson 29 -  Preparing for Baptism

Preparing for Baptism: Baptism Family Home Evening Idea