Beehive Requirements from 1915


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Some of the over 300 Requirements to choose from

In 1915 every female over the age fourteen was a Beehive girl until she entered Relief Society; there were no Mia Maids, Gleaners, or Laurels.

The following are 20 out of the 373 possible requirements for a Beehive girl to earn her awards.

1. Care successfully for a hive of bees for one season and know their habits.

2. Give the distinguishing characteristics of six varieties of hen and cattle and tell the good and weak points of each.

3. Exterminate the mosquitoes over an area of 1/2 mile square by pouring a little kerosene on the surface of all standing pools of water twice each month during April, May, June.

4. Make two articles of underwear by hand.

5. Cover 25 miles on snowshoes in any six days.

6. Learn to float in the Great Salt Lake and propel yourself forward 50 ft.

7. During three consecutive months abstain from candy, ice cream and commercial beverages and chewing gum.

8. For one month masticate your food so throroughly that it slips down with no visible effort of swallowing.

9. Successfully put a new washer on a faucet.

10. Care for at least two kerosene lamps daily.

11. For at least one month take care of milk and cream from at least one cow and see that the pails and pans and strainer and separator are thoroughly cleaned.

12. During a two week period, keep the house free from flies or destroy at least twenty flies daily.

13. Have your toilet moved to an isolated spot in the garden and have a frame put up and grow some quick growing vines like cucumbers to screen it from observation.

14. Whitewash your toilet inside and out.

15. Know and describe three cries of a baby.

16. Without help or advice, care for and harness a team at least five times and drive 50 miles during one season.

17. During two summer months clean ice chest thoroughly twice a week.

18. Discover ten reasons why the Columbine should be made the national flower.

19. Clear sage brush, etc. off of a one half mile acre of land.

20. Know six blazes used by indians.

Shared by Barbara Smith, April 11, 1995, at Little America Hotel at an annual Conference for Senior Citizens called "New Visions of Aging." History of Young Women Recognition