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How to Make Home-made Cooking Devices

buddy burnerWe made these in Cub Scouts

Supplies needed: 

tuna fish can 
cardboard box 
paraffin wax 
#10 can

You need a tuna fish can. Cut cardboard box into strips the height of the can and roll up until you have a roll large enough to fill the tuna can. 

Melt some paraffin.  Be careful not to start a fire.  Pour some paraffin wax over the cardboard in the can.

Now for the #10 can. Turn the can upside down so it is like a dome over the tuna can. Use a can opener (the kind for punching a triangular hole) to punch several holes. These holes do NOT go on the top of the can, this is your cooking surface. The holes go just below that ---- around the outside edge of the can.

On the open end (that was removed) that is sitting on the table, cut an opening large on the side. It will look kind of like a door. Make it just big enough to push a tuna can through.

Light the tuna can and place under the #10 can through the opening.  This will still be a little smoky and I wouldn't use these indoors unless you ventilated really well.  And, even then you would get smoke around your house. These are for "outside" cooking.

These work great for cooking french toast and pancakes.