Parable of the Builder

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Author Unknown

A great and wise man once called one of his workmen to him saying, "Go into the far country and build for me a house.  The decisions of planning  and of actual construction will be yours, but remember, I shall come to accept your work for a very special friend of mine."

And so the workman departed with a light heart for his field of labor.  Material of all kinds was plentiful here, but the workman had a mind of his own.

"Surely," he thought, "I know my business. I can use a bit of inferior materials here and cheat on my workmanship a little there, and still make the finished work look good.  Only I will know that what I have built has weaknesses."

And so, at last the work was completed and the workman reported back to the great and wise man. "Very good," he said.

"Now remember that I wanted you to use only the finest materials and craftsmanship in this house because I wanted to make present of it?  My friend, you are the one I had you build it for. It is all yours."

How much like man. He comes to earth a stranger.  He has his free agency.  He may build as he likes.  But on the morning of his resurrection he will receive  what he has built for an eternal home and habitation.