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Family History

1.  "A family history poster I have remembered through the years showed a photo of a very elderly woman laughing.  The caption read, 'Grandma plays a tough game of hide and seek.  Come join the fun!'"

2.  By Sister Carrie Taylor: "One that worked well for me and was particularly 'haunting' in a good way---I made 8 x 10 copies of old family pictures where the clothing was a good hint as to the time period being over a hundred years.  At the bottom of the page I put the simple phrase 'We're Waiting'.  Then I posted them on the bulletin boards at church and in the Family History Room.  They were inconspicuous and at the same time very noticeable.  It was like everywhere you looked, there was a family looking over your shoulder to remind you to seek them out.  They were patient and steadfast and hopeful.  I got a great response."

3.    By Jan Garrett: There was a large photo of an ancestral family made into a puzzle.  One piece was missing.  The lettering said, "Do you have the missing piece of your family history puzzle?" Puzzle pieces the size of the pieces on the picture puzzle were around the edge of the bulletin board.