He Threw Away his Cane

Hurt leg

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Carl W. Beuhner

Among the rich experiences I enjoyed while traveling in the South Pacific, this faith-promoting incident which occurred while I was visiting the Tongan Islands might be of interest to you. We had visited many of the branches of the mission, and found a people with great faith.

Among these was one, George M. Fehoko, who had been afflicted with a paralyzed leg and had been in bed for sixteen months.

Knowing we were visiting the Islands, he requested that we come to his home and administer to him. In spite of his sore affliction, he was a very cheerful, happy, and exuberant member of the Church. He indicated to us that he knew the Lord would answer our prayers in his behalf if we would ask for a blessing to restore him to his normal health and strength.

We administered to him, and then almost immediately had to leave the Island on board our vessel to go to the next group of islands.

Several months later, I received a letter from Brother Fehoko, relating this experience:

The morning after we had left the Tongan Islands, he got up out of his bed, and with the aid of a cane, walked down the street in the little village. Those knowing him were shocked and surprised to see him, and lined the streets of the little road, marveling at what had happened.

Two days later was Sunday, and he went to Sunday School and Sacrament Meeting. Most of the time in these services was spent discussing the great blessing that had come to him.

The following day, he stated he threw away his cane, and has been well and whole ever since. He indicates that everyone in the Tongan Islands knows that a great miracle happened in his behalf while we were visitors to the island.

This and other similar experiences simply indicate that the Lord is still with His people through the power of His Priesthood.

When administering, remember to always ask "God's will" in each particular situation. If it is not his will to heal, pray for understanding and what is to be learned through the affliction.

Seek earnestly for the Gifts of the Spirit. Among them are: "The Gift of Healing" and "The Gift to be Healed."

"The Instructor" magazine, Dec. 1953. Bishop Carl W. Beuhner, former member of the Presiding Bishopric.