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Author Unknown

Oh, May I find a friend
who will walk this path with me.
For the path of life is treacherous
and lonely as can be.
And knowing that a friend is near,
beside me all the way,
Would calm my troubled heart and mind
and brighten up my day.

I'll be your friend; I'll walk with you,
this day I'll take your hand.
For I was once the lonely one,
you see I understand.
For I stood once where you stand now
surrounded by longing and fear.
Till someone, whom I call friend
gave me a gift precious and dear.

So take my hand and I'll take yours,
A circle of love we'll make.
And then in time when you've grown strong
Some other's hand you'll take.
And the circle we've started will continue to grow
as each of us shows love.
For the hands we extend are only the tools
of our Heavenly Father above.