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Blaine and Brenton Yorgason

Concerning how to become involved in this great and urgent latter-day work, consider the following account from an elderly couple who, because of poor health, were not able to go on a regular mission. Therefore, they called themselves on what they called a three-year "Book of Mormon" mission.

They wrote of their experience: "We decided to stop our many travels. We also cut out most non-vital expenses and turned a large part of our cash savings over to our Book of Mormon mission. Also we began living more economically. We started our mission by having the Family-to-Family Book of Mormon program send out 200 books per month to the missions in Mexico, Central and South America.

Before long, we learned that one convert baptism was resulting from each ten to twenty of our books. . . . We have received reports of convert baptisms from Mexico, Central and South America, Portugal and Spain. These reports have been sent by mission presidents, missionaries, and converts themselves. All are sincere expressions of appreciation, and we treasure them.

When our mission was nearly half over, we were so thrilled with the joys and blessings of the Lord to us, that we decided to triple the number of books provided each month. The interesting thing is that this resulted in tripling the number of convert baptisms reported to us!

Our three-year mission will be concluded in a few days. The total number of convert baptisms reported to us is 757, and we feel sure that there are many more that have not been reported. This is quite a contrast to my three-year mission to Germany in the early Twenties, where my companions and I had only three baptisms.

My wife and I are convinced that this three-year mission has afforded us some of the happiest years of our lives." 

(Excerpt from Spiritual Survival in the Last Days,  by Blaine and Brenton Yorgason, Deseret Book Company, 1990,  p. 63) (Names withheld at writers' request.)

(Not from the above Book:)

Also, you could receive many blessings by pledging to yourself to support a missionary for 2 years (by donating $400 to the missionary fund each month if you can afford it, or $100 a month would support a missionary in many countries).  When "your missionary's" two years is up, you can decide "to send off another one" in the same way--doing it over and over again.  If parents are blessed for supporting their own child on a mission, just imagine how the Lord would bless you for your generosity in supporting someone else's child--probably even greater blessings!  All the missionaries from the poorer countries must be supported in this way--their families don't even make that much a month! 

Remember, this gospel brings the answers and solutions to ALL of the world's problems.  If we want to help make this a better world to live in for us and our posterity, support Missionary Work!