Family Coat of Arms Idea

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Your own Family's Coat of Arms

Help children create a "coat of arms" for their family. Talk about "putting on the whole armor of God" and being on the Lord's side.

coat of arms

Start with a paper with a shield on it, then choose the values they want in their family lines by coloring and cutting out the symbols. Have markers, crayons, and scissors, and papers with the symbols printed on them. There were explanations of what character traits were represented by different colors and different symbols used (such as certain plants and animals) on shields.

Below are some websites that might be helpful if you decide to use this idea. It could be used in FHE, Family Fairs, and Primary. Teens might enjoy it also.

Coat of Arms Index

Common meanings of different symbols and colors

Popular ways to divide shields

Shield Shapes 1

Shield Shapes 2