Costa Rica Conversion Story

Costa Rica

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Two Missionaries

I met Antonio Pineda at a youth activity last February 1997. He was serving as bishop of a small ward in the Sabana Stake in San Jose. I could tell even at our first meeting that his commitment to the gospel was strong and clear. When I inquired about his testimony, he told me the following story.

Antonio, his wife and three children joined the church four years ago. Before joining the church, their family life was wonderful for the first few years of their marriage. This did not last. He began to drink and spent a lot of time in bars and generally away from home. It was also a time for searching. He tried many different churches, but was never able to find the truth in them. Although there was an LDS Church building three blocks away, he had never heard of the Church, nor did he know anyone who was a member.

On one particular occasion, he was sitting at a bar table drinking "too much" when he heard a voice that told him to leave. He looked around but saw no one. The voice again repeated the message. This time he listened and went home. That night he prayed with all of his heart that he would be able to find the truth and that God would show him the way.

After falling asleep he had a dream in which he saw two young men who were to deliver a message to him. He could only see them from the chest up, but he noticed their badges. One of the badges read Richardson and the other McCummins.

The next morning, Saturday, he made preparations to take his family to the park. While they were getting ready, two missionaries knocked at the door. He saw them and said "I dreamt about you last night." He told them that the family would be leaving for the park soon but that they were welcome to return at 5:00 that afternoon.

At five o'clock, the missionaries returned and started to teach the first discussion. It was then that Antonio saw their names on their badges and the full impact of the dream hit him. He stopped them mid-sentence and asked, "Who sent you?" Elder Richardson answered, "You already know." Antonio's eyes filled with tears. He and his family accepted the gospel, and he has been faithful ever since.

He has served as Bishop of his ward for the last 3 years.

By David Grant, when serving in the Mission Presidency of the Costa Rica San Jose Mission.