The Crystal Ball

crystal ball

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Nasir Found a Crystal Ball Behind a Banyan Tree

Nasir found a crystal ball behind a banyan tree in his garden. When the tree told him it would grant him a wish, he thought and thought but could not think of anything he wanted. So he kept the crystal ball in his bag and waited to decide on his wish. Days went by without him making a wish but his best friend saw him looking at the crystal ball. He stole it from Nasir and showed it to everyone in the village.

They all asked for palaces and gold but could not ask for more than one wish. In the end, everyone was angry because no one could have everything. They became very unhappy and decided to ask Nasir for help.

Nasir wished that everything would become as it once was before the villagers had tried to satisfy their greed. The palaces and gold vanished and the villagers grew happy and content once again.

Moral of The Story

Money and wealth do not bring happiness.