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LDS.org Church History: David O. McKay

General Conference Talks

"Prophets Are Inspired" - David B. Haight

General Resources

David O. McKay's Father's Testimony of Joseph Smith

David O. McKay Gains his testimony

David O. McKay Learns to "act well his part"

Joseph B. Wirthlin shares a personal experience with Pres. McKay  (Gen. Conf.)

Teachings of the Prophets

Ten Rules of Happiness  --  by President David O. McKay

Additional Articles

"David O. McKay" - Ensign

"Laie—A Destiny Prophesied” - Ensign

“Our Greatest Obligation” - David O. McKay  -  Ensign

“Remembering Father and Mother, President David O. McKay and Sister Emma Ray Riggs McKay" - Ensign

Church Manuals

Teachings of David O. McKay

Worldwide Ambassador of God


All David O. McKay Videos

David O, McKay: Documentary

Ministry of David O. McKay: The Beginnings of a World-wide Church

Teachings of David O. McKay: Every Member a Missionary

Images: David O. McKay

Family Home Evening

"David O. McKay" (LDSLiving)

David O. McKay (PDF) - Video clip