A Different Perspective


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Mom, Dad, I'm not sure you'll understand...

James parked the car in the garage, and sat. He couldn't go into see his parents yet; not so soon. Everything had just happened so fast that he had to have a chance to think it over first.

Being away for the summer had done something to him. It was a strange old thing, thought James, now as he sat in his driveway. How could he make his parents understand that?

Life had been so simple before but now this. Becky was such a wonderful girl; maybe he even loved her. But it was not love that inspired the events of that last Saturday night. It was a strong force; a compelling force that he had never known before. No, he didn't think it was because of Becky.

It would have happened under the right circumstances with anyone. After all, he'd never been in a crowd like that before; under the influence of THAT kind of people. They'd shown him a lot more about life than he'd ever thought existed. He had been so sure then that he had wanted to join their way of life.

Now, however, he faced his parents and his church teachings. Doubt raced through his head; the moments leading up to it came back to him clearly. He had met Becky at an office party. She had seemed like such a nice girl. He was taking her out and going to her parties. The parties had fascinated him.

The people were all so friendly and willing to accept him. It was their friendliness that had made him want to join their activities. Slowly but surely he was led to their way of thinking. And then...Saturday night. Well, really, it had been inevitable. He had been so happy then, what was wrong now?

James decided to pray before he went in. The word prayer sounded so funny and out of place. "Dear Heavenly Father, Help my family to accept me." Slowly a new courage crept over him. What was done, he couldn't change now. He did it and couldn't change anything. Quickly he sprang out of the car into the house to his family.

After hugs and kisses, he drew in a deep breath and stood up a little taller and tears came to his eyes as he spoke; "Mom, Dad, I'm not sure you'll understand what I've done. It goes against all you have taught me. But it's over and I did it. I've been baptized a Mormon."