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Stories of Courage

A girl's determination to marry in the temple to a returned missionary  -  Richard G. Scott

Ben E. Lewis story - told by Jeffrey Holland

Boy finding wallet (Honesty) - Pres. Faust

Called to be a Mission President - (His employer's anger)  -   Richard G. Scott

Experience on an Oyster boat - Richard G. Scott

Mechanic story (Honesty)

Monte Brough's experience at an executives' retreat where the entertainment was vulgar.

Native Boy (Being an example)

Raymond, the newspaper boy(Keeping Sabbath Day Holy)    -  Gene R. Cook

Sandy Koufax  -  Eli Herring (Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy) - Reader's Digest

Served alcohol in a social situation - personal experience by Richard G. Scott

Served alcohol in a social situation - personal experience by Russell M. Nelson

Story of Creed Haymond (Athlete) - told in General Conference by L. Tom Perry

"...Unless you are a Mormon"  -  story told by Patricia Holland