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Stories of Courage

A girl's determination to marry in the temple to a returned missionary  -  Richard G. Scott

Ben E. Lewis story - told by Jeffrey Holland

Boy finding wallet (Honesty) - Pres. Faust

Called to be a Mission President - (His employer's anger)  -   Richard G. Scott

Experience on an Oyster boat - Richard G. Scott

Mechanic story (Honesty)

Monte Brough's experience at an executives' retreat where the entertainment was vulgar.

Native Boy (Being an example)

Raymond, the newspaper boy (Keeping Sabbath Day Holy)    -  Gene R. Cook

Sandy Koufax  -  Eli Herring (Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy) - Reader's Digest

Served alcohol in a social situation - personal experience by Richard G. Scott

Served alcohol in a social situation - personal experience by Russell M. Nelson

Story of Creed Haymond (Athlete) - told in General Conference by L. Tom Perry

"...Unless you are a Mormon"  -  story told by Patricia Holland