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Duty to God

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Quotes About Duty

"Every Latter-day Saint knows that to be found in the discharge of his duty makes him a happy man, and when he is not in the discharge of his duty there is an uneasiness about him which makes him feel that something is wrong."

Matthias F. Cowley "General Conference Reports", p. 39, April 1902

I slept and dreamt 
That life was joy 
I woke and saw 
That life was duty 
I acted, And behold! 
Duty was joy!

(Quoted by Earl Nightingale, "Our Changing World," #5193.) Quoted by J. Richard Clarke, CR  April, 1982

"A God-given conscience will not let us rest until our duty is done"

Robert L. Simpson  (General Conference Report, October 1964, page 96)

"Duty: Something we look forward to with distaste, do with reluctance, and boast about forever."

"After All," Ensign, Feb. 1972, 80  (Joe Smyly, Northridge, California)