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EFY Music - There is Peace in Christ

Below are a selection of EFY (Especially for Youth) songs. Each year the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints chooses a few songs to represent the "theme" for that year.

Courage to Stand Strong (2010)

We Believe (Kenneth Cope - 2002)

One Voice (Dustin Gledhill - 2004)

A More Excellent Way (Kenneth Cope - 2005)

Live Like You Believe (Jenny Phillips - 2006)

Arise and Shine (Stephanie Maybe - 2012)

Walking in Sunlight (Stephanie Maybe - 2010)

Child of Light (Mindy Gledhill - 2011)

I Know That My Redeemer Lives (2011)

Glorious (Stephanie Maybe - 2012)

Anxiously Engaged (2014)

Stand in the Light (Michael Webb - 2004)

He Showed Me How (David Archuleta - 2015)

He Hears Your Heart (Byrn Castleton - 2015)

It's Good to be Alive (Regan Rindlisbacher - 2015)

Choose Joy (Scott Krippayne - 2018)