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Faith without works

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Quotes About Faith Without Works

"When ill or injured, Latter-day Saints exercise faith toward recovery.  Worthy priesthood holders, by administering a blessing of health, may call upon the power of God to aid in the healing process. 

At the same time, Latter-day Saints are encouraged to take full advantage of modern medicine and technology in the prevention and cure of sickness and do not find this inconsistent with accepting the blessings of the priesthood, for they see an ultimate unity between spirit and matter."

From the Encyclopedia of Mormonism

"Faith, if it hath not works, is dead..."

James 2:17–18, 22

"It is not enough merely to pray to the Lord, or to mention Him in our speeches, because neither prayer alone nor lip service will save anyone. 

The Lord is a God of works as well as of faith. Mere appeals for divine aid, urgent though they may seem to be, will not bring the desired results. Righteous works must accompany them."

Mark E. Petersen: "The Way to Peace", p. 94