Fourteen Reasons Why Fasting is a Good Discipline to Engage in.....


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How Fasting Helps

1. Fasting expands compassion.
2. Fasting is a way of preparing to meet a major challenge.
3. Fasting can enlighten others.
4. Fasting improves physical health.
5. Fasting benefits others.
6. Fasting creates more time for additional spiritual disciplines.
7. Fasting is good for the soul.
8. Fasting is a reminder we do not live by 'bread alone.'
9. Fasting is a positive response against materialism.
10. Fasting creates more physical and mental energy.
11. Fasting helps us appreciate things more.
12. Fasting strengthens virtues and weakens vices.
13. Fasting is good for self-discipline.
14. Fasting is a way of following the example of Christ and the

Although this list provides the basic outline for an article by Victor M. Parachin that was published in 1996 ......he expands each statement with a paragraph. Perhaps it could form the basis for a talk on fasting.