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Ideas for Family History Centers

Name Tags for Staff:    

One FHC has large name tags (in plastic which hang around the neck) for their staff.  They keep them on a hook in the room.  They can be purchased at OfficeMax and similar stores.  They help patrons know which people are staff and their names.

Quotes in Sunday Bulletin:    

Put a quote about FH Work in the Sunday Bulletin each Sunday to help keep the members motivated and thinking about FH Work.

Quotes on Door:  

Put a motivating quote on the door for members to see as they pass by.

Sharing Responsibilities:

A multi-stake FHC has an over-all Director from the agent stake.  Each of the other participating stakes also has a FH Director who has an area of responsibility such as supplies, monthly newsletter, staffing, training, etc.   Besides dividing up the work load, it helps everyone to feel "ownership" in the success of the center.  They meet monthly to coordinate efforts and share ideas.  When Directors and Ward Family History Coordinators work a shift at the Center, it helps them keep up on their skills and feel part of the "team".

Newsletters / Bulletins:   

Several FH Centers have monthly or quarterly newsletters they e-mail out & have printed copies at the Center.  They use them to tell of up-coming training, helpful hints, and motivational quotes, etc. 

Year Plan / History :  

One Director has planned out their meetings for the year ahead and has written up an overview of the past year's activities for their stake's history book. 

Group E-Mails / Share the Ideas with All Your Group: 

Setting up group e-mail addresses helps FH Centers keep all of their staff and workers and Priesthood Leaders "in the loop" so they will feel part of the FH Family, keep up on the latest developments, share ideas, and motivational quotes, up-coming training, etc.

Don't let all ideas end with one person's review of them.  Different people have different interests and talents.  An idea that doesn't appeal to one (because it is not compatible with that person's interest or abilities) may be enjoyable for another worker to do.

When appropriate, council with your Priesthood Leaders about the ideas you want to implement.

Weigh the value of each idea against the amount of time and effort involved. We want to Magnify our Callings without magnifying busy work.