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Resources for teaching Children about Forgiveness

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Experience shared by Robert Daines at a BYU Devotional - June 2000

How Can We Know We Are Forgiven?

Lesson in Forgiveness  (sack of potatoes)

Object Lesson

The Parable of the Forgiving Landlord

True Forgiveness

Parable of the slingshot and the duck



Quotes   (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes on Forgiveness (

General Conference Talks

"Balm of Gilead" - Boyd K. Packer - Oct. 1977

"Forgiveness:  The Ultimate Form of Love" - Marion D. Hanks - Oct. 1973

"Finding Forgiveness"  -  Richard G. Scott - April 1995

"Removing the Poison of an Unforgiving Spirit" - H. Burke Peterson - Oct. 1983

"The Power of Forgiveness" -  Spencer W. Kimball - Oct. 1977

"The Brilliant Morning of Forgiveness" - Boyd K. Packer  -  Oct. 1995

"To Forgive Is Divine" - Theodore M. Burton  -  April 1983

BYU Speeches

"Faith to Forgive Grievous Harms: Accepting the..." - James R. Rasband - Oct. 23, 2012

"Missionary Work, Valiance, Obedience, Forgiveness, Testimony"

"On Measuring Flour and Forgiveness - Madison U. Sowell -  Feb. 22, 1996

"Prophetic Priorities" - Richard G. Hinckley - May 15, 2007

"Psychology and Repentance"- Allen E. Bergin - Oct. 04, 1994

"Remember Lot's Wife": Faith is for the Future - Jeffrey R. Holland - Jan. 13, 2009

"Repentance and Forgiveness in Marriage"- Richard B. Miller - Jan. 19, 2010

"Seventy Times Seven" - James M. Harper -  June 24, 1998

"The Miracle of Forgiveness" - Michael L. Dunn - Jan. 31, 2012

Other Talks and Articles

"Of You It Is Required to Forgive"  First Presidency Message - June 1991 Ensign

"Pockets Full of Rocks" - Fiction Story from March 1985 New Era

"Teaching Children about Forgiveness" - January 1988 Ensign

FHE Lessons and Resources for Children

FHE: "Forgiveness" (

FHE: "Forgiveness" (

FHE: "Forgiveness" (LDSLiving)

FHE: "Forgiveness" (

FHE: "Forgiving" (FHE Resource Book at

Library Books and Books on CD

"If I'm forgiven, why does my past still bother me?" - Brad Wilcox

"I'll Never Do It Again--and other broken promises that need the Continuous Atonement"  by Brad Wilcox

"The Continuous Atonement" - Brad Wilcox

"The Contrite Spirit" - (2015) by Bruce and Marie Hafen (former President and Matron of the St. George Temple - How the Temple helps us apply Christ's Atonement)