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General Resources

"Civic Standards for the Faithful Saints" -  Ezra Taft Benson - April Conf. 1972

Civilization Cycles

Free to Soar (analogy)

Vaughn J. Featherstone on Freedom


"Freedom is not Free"


Gordon B. Hinckley Quotes on Freedom, America, Constitution, Liberty, etc.

Quotes on Freedom/Government - 1

Quotes on Freedom/Government - 2

Quotes on Freedom  (Daily WOOL)

Quotes on Government (Daily WOOL)

General Conferences

"A Self-Inflicted Purging" - Vaughn J. Featherstone - April 1975 Gen. Conf. (affects patriotism and country).

"Our Divine Constitution"  -  President Ezra Taft Benson  October 1987 General Conference

BYU Speeches

Elder Lance B. Wickman Speech at 2016 BYU Religious Freedom Conference

"Freedom and Personal Liberty" - Robert D. Hales - July 6, 1975

"God's Hand in Our Nation's History"  -  Ezra Taft Benson - BYU Fireside - 28 March 1976

"Land of Liberty"  -  L. Lionel Kendrick - Sept. 25, 2001 - BYU-Idaho

"The Church and the American Bicentennial" - BYU Dev. - L. Tom Perry -  Feb. 1976

"The Constitution--A Heavenly Banner" - Sept. 16, 1986

Additional Talks and Articles

"A Standard of Freedom for This Dispensation" - Sept. 1987 Ensign

"The Constitution--A Glorious Standard"  -   Ezra Taft Benson  - Sept. 1987 Ensign

"The Constitution in the Tradition of the Founding Fathers" - President James E. Faust, USU Sept. 16, 2001

"The Divinely Inspired Constitution" - Dallin H. Oaks - Feb. 1992 Ensign

"The Spirit of Freedom" -  Ensign  (excellent link to many documents, pictures, etc.)

Videos "God Raised Up Wise Men to Establish the Constitution" "Our Responsibility Toward Government"" "Prayer in School" "Preserving Religious Freedom" "Religious Freedom" - L. Tom Perry "Religious Freedom in the Workplace" "What is Religious Freedom" "When Beliefs are Questioned"

Lessons from Church Manuals

A Statement on Government

Family Home Evening Lessons

"A More Perfect Union"

“FHE Lessons for the Bicentennial of the Constitution" (14 pages PDF) - published by the Church in 1987

Library Books and CDs

"We Hold These Truths" by Glenn Rawson (1 CD)