General Authorities

general authorities

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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources) General Authorities and General Officers

General Conference Talks

"Standing with the Leaders of the Church" - Ronald A. Rasband - April 2016

"The Twelve" - Boyd K. Packer

General Resources

Grandpa Bill's General Authorities Page (link to photos, biographies, some have links to all their talks)

James E. Faust (biography and links to his talks)

General Authority Quotes

General Authority Quotes

Quotes of Latter-day Prophets (Daily WOOL)

Additional Articles

"Church leaders use sense in humor" - Deseret News

"Filled with Life and Energy" - Randal A. Wright - 2015

Stories from the General Authorities: My Conversion - Hartman Rector, Jr. - New Era 1973

Family Home Evening

General Authorities