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General Conference Talks

Do We Trust Him? Hard Is Good - Stanley G. Ellis - October 2017

Honoring the Priesthood - Russell M. Nelson - April 1993

No Shortcuts - Robert L. Simpson - April 1987

Standing with the Leaders of the Church - Ronald A. Rasband - April 2016

Stand Ye in Holy Places - Harold B. Lee - April 1973

The Things of Which I Know - Gordon B. Hinckley - April 2007

The Twelve - Boyd K. Packer - April 2008

The Voice of Lord - Neil L. Andersen - October 2017

Trust in God, Then Go and Do - Henry B. Eyring - October 2010

We Are Called of God - Loren C. Dunn - April 1972

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General Authority Quotes

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"Church leaders use sense in humor" - Deseret News

"Filled with Life and Energy" - Randal A. Wright - 2015

Stories from the General Authorities: My Conversion - Hartman Rector, Jr. - New Era 1973

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General Authorities