Hey Lady


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Unknown Author

Hey Lady...                

I wrote you a letter, did you see
It said, "I love you, do you love me"?
Would you love me just a little today?

We don't get much food on our table
"Cause my Dad don't work, he ain't able"
Hey Lady, I sure am hungry today

I didn't get much sleep last night.
Cause Mom & Dad, well--they had a fight.
Hey Lady, would you smile at me today?

My Dad got drunk and so did my Mother.
Then my Dad beat me and my little brother.
Hey Lady would you say hi to me today?

My face is dirty and my hair ain't combed.
Cause Mom was asleep when I left home.
Hey Lady, would you hug me today?

The other kids made fun of me
My clothes is dirty and I got a hole in my knee.
Hey Lady, would you be my friend today?

Well, Mom and Dad-- they always yell.
My life at home is a living Hell
Hey Lady, please love me today.

Hey Lady, won't somebody LOVE me today.