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General Conference

"Beware of False Prophets and False Teachers" - M. Russell Ballard

Talks on the "Signs of the Times"

General Resources

If you could see us now, Pop Youngberg

Janet S. Scharman (excerpt from a BYU address about the speed of modern technology advancements)



Quotes  (link to the Daily WOOL)

BYU Speeches

"An Anchor to the Souls of Men",  President Howard W. Hunter - Fireside

"Terror, Triumph, and a Wedding Feast" - Jeffrey R. Holland

"We Need Not Fear His Coming" - Gordon B. Hinckley

"When Shall These Things Be?" - M. Russell Ballard

Scriptures Scriptures about the "Second Coming" Scriptures about the "Last Days" Scriptures about "The Signs of the Times"

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Additional Articles Church Magazine articles about the "Second Coming"

"An Anchor to the Souls of Men" - Howard W. Hunter - Ensign

Jeffrey R.Holland's: talk to seminary teachers

"Protecting Our Families in the Last Days" - Ensign

"Be Not Afraid, Only Believe" - Jeffrey R. Holland talk to CES Religious Educators, 2015

"When Shall These Things Be?" - M. Russell Ballard - Ensign

Lessons in Church Manuals

"Joel" -- Old Testament Study Guide for Home-Study Seminary Students

"Preparing for the Coming of Our Lord" - Chapter 26 - Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith

"The Second Coming and the Millennium" - Chapter 21 - Teachings of Joseph Smith

Church Videos

Videos about the "Second Coming"


Image and quote about 2nd coming and the chosen generation

Image and quote about 2nd coming - Boyd K. Packer

Image: The Second Coming

Family Home Evening Lessons

Prepare for His Return (PDF)

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Library Books & CDs

"50 Signs of the Times and the Second Coming" - David J. Ridges

"How Awesome Will it Be? A teenager's Guide to understanding and preparing for The Second Coming." Roger A. McKenzie

"Living in the Last Days" - Robert L. Millet

"Signs of the Last Days" (5 CDs) Randall C. Bird, Richard D. Draper, Matthew B. Brown, and Curtis Jacobs

"The Millennial Messiah" - Bruce R. McConkie

"Watch and Be Ready: Preparing for the Second Coming" - Brent L. Top