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Top Resources

LDS.org: General Conference Talks on Leadership

LDS.org: Search Results on the topic of Leadership

General Resources

A Good Manager

"Blinded by Pride" - short Ensign article

Tips on Delegation

Expressing appreciation to others, by President Gordon B. Hinckley

Give Opportunities to the Weak, by Boyd K. Packer

Leadership Lesson by Elder Neal A. Maxwell

"Leading as the Savior Led", President N. Eldon Tanner - First Presidency Message

Learning to Delegate Responsibility

Lesson on Leadership - experience of Harold B. Lee as told by Rex E. Lee at BYU Devotional


Quotes from the Daily Wool


Quotes by our Prophets about Leadership Needed in the Church

Mormonads / New Era Posters

"Going Nowhere Fast"

"You are the Yeast" (Help Others Rise to the Occasion)

Additional Articles

Talk to the All-Church Coordinating Council by Elder Boyd K. Packer

The Lord is the Leader - Gene R. Cook

"A Personal Observation: The Problem is Always the Same" - Elder Sterling W. Sill

"Avoiding Unrighteous Dominion" - Ensign

"It Is the Position That Counts "- Boyd K. Packer - New Era (Special Leadership Issue)

"Leadership the Lord's Way" - Ensign

General Conference Talks on Leadership

"Called to Serve" - Boyd K. Packer

"O, Be Wise" - M. Russell Ballard

"Shepherds of Israel" (know each by name)

"Standing with the Leaders of the Church" - Ronald A. Rasband

"The Greatest Leaders are the Greatest Followers" - Stephen W. Owen

"The Mantle of a Bishop" - Robert D. Hale

"These I Will Make My Leaders" - James E. Faust

"Unchanging Principles of Leadership" - Wendell J. Ashton

"Watch Over and Strengthen"- Henry B. Eyring

BYU Speeches

"Leaders and Managers" -  Hugh Nibley - Commencement Address

"Leadership" - LeGrand Richards (audio only)

"The Loneliness of Leadership" - Gordon B. Hinckley

Lessons in Church Manuals

Developing Leadership - Lesson 29

FHE Lessons

"Leadership" FHE Lesson

Library Books and CDs

"Feed My Sheep" (Leadership Ideas for Latter-day Shepherds), by Alexander B. Morrison

"The 360 degree Leader," "The 5 levels of leadership," and more by the same author: John C. Maxwell 

"Great Work: How to Make a Difference People Love" by David Sturt

"The 7 Habits for Managers" - Stephen R. Covey (1 CD)

"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" - Stephen R. Covey

Pics and Quotes

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote

Leadership Quote

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Leadership Quote

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