Life And Death


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Thoughts About Life And Death

"The swift passing of the seasons brings all of us at times to think upon the length of life, as friends and loved ones come and leave, and as we ourselves face always such uncertainties.  Not one of us knows how long he will live, how long his loved ones will live.

"No one can be ignorant that he must die,"said Cicero, "nor be sure that he may not this very day." 

But beyond all this--beyond all fretting, worrying, and brooding about the length of life--there is evidence everywhere to quiet our hearts, to give us peace and faith for the future, and assurances that we can count on.  Spring returned again this year.  We knew it would--and it did. 

And just so surely as all this, life has purpose, plan, and pattern that includes eternal continuance with loved ones waiting. 

And with all sorrows, loss of loved ones, loneliness, there is this that we may know:  That in a universe which runs so well, the Power who runs it well is that same Power who knows each human heart, and quiets and softens sorrow, and gives assurances we so much seek, as each day brings its undisclosed events. 

We come; we live; we leave.  Our loved ones leave--but we and they live always and forever.  Don't fret.  Don't doubt.  Don't cling to grieving.  Don't fight life, or give up, or brood, or be bitter and rebellious, or let go of faith in the future. 

All of us know loneliness; all of us search ourselves, and ask for answers.  Trust Him, who has done so much so well, to do all things well. 

Trust Him to bring peace and comfort and quietness and assurance to your soul inside.  "Once more the Heavenly Power makes all things new."  (Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "Early Spring").  

This you can count on."

Richard L. Evans