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I am a Captain of a Battleship!

You may remember a story about a ship's captain who had a problem with his pride. One night at sea, this captain saw what looked like the light of another ship heading toward him. He had his signalman blink to the other ship: "Change your course 10 degrees south."

The reply came back, "Change your course 10 degrees north."

The ship's captain answered, "I am a captain. Change your course south."

To which the reply came, "Well, I am a seaman first class. Change your course north."

This so infuriated the captain, he signaled back, "I say change your course south. I am on a battleship!"

To which the reply came back, "And I say change your course north. I am in the lighthouse."

Hope Health Letter, October 1993, 1; adapted and used with permission, HOPE Publications, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 616-343-0770.