The Holy Ghost is Like


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The Holy Ghost

1. FLOOR WAX:  He is a protection and polishing agent. 

2. PRAYER:  You must be connected up to get an answer. 

3. YOUR GLASSES:  He helps you to see more clearly. 

4. A COURTROOM WITNESS:  He helps establish and testifies to only the truth. 

5. HEAT:  You can't see him but you are sure of his presence. 

6. A CHILD'S MOTHER:  He is a great comfort when trouble is nigh. 

7. YOUR SHADOW:  He is a constant companion until clouds drive him away. 

8. A NEON SIGN:  He gives both light and knowledge. 

9. ELECTRICITY:  You can't see him but you feel he is there. 

10. A TELEPHONE OPERATOR:  He handles all lines of communication. 

11. A GOOD TEACHER:  He brings to remembrance the past, present and future. 

12. A CALM MORNING:  He brings peace and contentment to the soul. 

13. A STREET LAMP:  He keeps you on the straight and narrow. 

14. A MAN:  He operates as a spirit. 

15. A SAFE:  To operate, you must know the combination. 

16. A TELEVISION:  He can give us vicarious experiences.

17. A COACH:  He will direct our activities if assigned to our squad. 

18. AN EDITOR:  He separates fiction from truth. 

19. A NAVIGATOR:  If we listen, he will help plot our course. 

20. A RADIO:  His signal comes through when we are in tune. 

21. BLOOD:  To give life, we must provide him a channel.

22. SUNSHINE:  We shine when we walk in his presence. 

23. AN INSURANCE POLICY: To benefit, you must pay all your premiums when due. 

24. A LANTERN:  He guides us through the darkness.
25. A VIRUS INFECTION:  You know when he is causing a reaction.

26. THE BOOK OF MORMON:  He is a witness for Jesus Christ. 

27. A TELESCOPE: He helps us understand things not discernable to the naked eye 
--Author Unknown