"Live Worthy of the Girl You will someday Marry"


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President Gordon B. Hinckley

Young men, live worthy of the girl you'll someday marry.

"The girl you marry can expect you to come to the marriage altar absolutely clean. She can expect you to be a young man of virtue in thought and word and deed."

Young priesthood holders have a tremendous obligation to their future wives.

Eschew sleazy talk, don't fool around with pornography, practice the Word of Wisdom, avoid profanity and stay away from illegal drugs.

"Would any girl in her right mind ever wish to marry a young man who has a drug habit, who is the slave of alcohol, who is addicted to pornography?"

Now is the time for young men to begin controlling their temper, "otherwise you will bring only tears and sorrow into the homes which you will someday establish."

Education is vital. Young men must be modest in their wants, plan to be married in the temple and choose a partner carefully.

"Live worthy of becoming a father of whom your wife and children will be proud."

"Living Worthy of the Girl You Will Someday Marry" - April 1998 Gen. Conf.