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Shared by a Family History Consultant

When my father was ninety-five, he felt he was becoming elderly and did not like fixing his own meals—so he moved in with me. I cared for him for approximately the next eight years.

In the course of this time, he had volunteered to be tracked by a research company out of the Boston area for their longevity study. This study has apparently been going on for about forty years.

The first time I met the lady—I believe her name was Judy—she had flown out here to draw his blood and check his general healthiness.

I should say—he was amazing—he is actually the person who carried the Olympic Torch on his 100th birthday. She subsequently kept in contact with him and he filled out forms and answered questions.

On one occasion when I was speaking to her, she told me she had been down to visit the Church's Genealogy Library and she told me that she was impressed by the technology and the large number of elderly people that were there using technology.

In her mind this verified what she fully accepted as a fact that "LDS people" as a whole retain their intellectual prowess. She said something about there being significant statistical data to indicate this group of people maintained their mental abilities longer; and now after seeing the Genealogy Center, she said it made good sense to her.