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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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Encyclopedia of Mormonism - Millennium

Official Church of Jesus Christ Topic page on Millennium, with additional study resources

Topical Guide Page on the Millenium

General Resources

5 Millennium Myths You Thought Were True

5 Things You Didn't Know Will Happen in the Millennium

Jesus the Christ to Return

Timeline of Millennium Events

The Millennium – LDS Last Days

The Purpose of the Millennium in the Plan of Salvation

What is The Point of the Millennium

General Conference Talks

"Laying a Foundation for the Millennium" - LeGrand Richards - Oct 1971

"Preparation for the Second Coming" - Dallin H. Oaks - April 2004

"The Great Plan of Happiness" - Dallin H. Oaks - October 1993

Additional Articles

"Did You Know?" - Liahona, August 2006

"Early Saints and the Millennium," Ensign, August 1979

"Jesus Christ Will Come Again" - Liahona , December 2015

"Who will be on the Earth during the Millennium, and what will they be doing?" - New Era, June 2014


"The Millenial Messiah" - Bruce R. McConkie

"Living in The Millennium" - Robert L. Millet

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