A Tale of Two Missionaries

Two Missionaries

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Devin G. Durrant

"I was told recently of two missionary companions—one had many outward talents, the other didn't.  They had received a letter from a man and his family to whom they had taught several discussions.  The letter told the elders to come by and pick up the Book of Mormon because the family had decided they were not interested in continuing the discussions."

"The more outwardly talented elder felt confident that by using all his social skills and all his learning he would be able to change the man's mind.  During the meeting he used every persuasive skill he could think of.  The other elder listened.  Finally the man agreed to continue the discussions."

"Later, at the family's baptism, the talented elder remembered the night with some degree of pride.  After the baptism the man told him, "The night I changed my mind and continued to have you teach me was the most important night of my life.  As you talked to me, my mind was so determined to not listen that there was nothing you could have said that would have caused me to continue.  But then I looked at your companion. His eyes were focused on me.  I saw in his face more love than I had ever known before.  My heart felt a spirit that made it so I could not resist his silent message. I decided then that if this church could cause someone to love like that, then I wanted to be part of it."

"Outward social and educational talent help, but more needed than these are the inward talents of love and faith and testimony.  In these talents we can all be equal."