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God Will Endow Us With Power

"I'll tell you something. I sure was happy on my mission and I certainly knew a lot of happy missionaries, because they worked and they studied as hard as they could. They were men and women of sound understanding, and they did wax strong in the knowledge of truth because they had gained this knowledge through diligent work and study."

Ed J. Pinegar - Especially For Missionaries, Vol 3, Teaching With Power

"I suppose if I learned anything on my mission, it was that if we sincerely try to do our duty, and work hard and are patient and prayerful, and, above all, have unrelenting faith in God, we can accomplish whatever He desires, for God always comes through."

John H. Groberg - In the Eye of the Storm, p. 6

"When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes a conscious choice—at that moment, God will endow us with power!

"To be blessed is not an end in itself; we must be a blessing to others. All people have a talent in one way or another to touch and inspire other people's lives. Let us not only look inward and proudly say 'all is well in Zion; yea, Zion prospereth' (2 Ne. 28:21), but let us be a light unto a chaotic world."

Hans B. Ringger "What Shall We Do" General Conference, April 1994

"You can be a good example or you can be a bad example, but you are always an example."

Hartman Rector, Jr.

"A testimony is fragile. It is as hard to hold as a moonbeam. It is something you have to recapture every day of your life."

Harold B. Lee - Church News, July 15, 1972, p. 4

"And when mistakes occur, let them become instructive, not destructive."

Neal A. Maxwell - Ensign, May 1982, p. 39

"The Savior gave of Himself, gave His very life that we might live. To sacrifice that others might be blessed was His word, His work, His life. Sacrifice is the evidence of true love. Without sacrifice love is not manifest. Without sacrifice there is no real love, or kindness...We love no one unless we sacrifice for him. We can measure the degree of love that we possess for any man or cause, by the sacrifice we make for him or it."

John A. Widtsoe, Conference Report, April 1943, p. 38

"Baptism into this Church is a serious thing. It represents a covenant made with our Heavenly Father. It is much more than a right of passage. It is a gateway to a new manner of living, and a new road on which to walk that leads to immortality and eternal life. It was never intended as a dead end. It was intended to open a glorious and wonderful way of life to all who would walk in obedience to the commandments of God."

President Gordon B. Hinckley

"The development of our spiritual nature should concern us most. Spirituality is the highest acquisition of the soul, the divine in man; 'the supreme, crowning gift that makes him king of all created things.' It is the consciousness of victory over self and of communion with the infinite. It is spirituality alone which really gives one the best in life."

David O. McKay, Conference Report, October 1936, p. 103

"Now don't misunderstand me. I am not trying to urge you younger men to marry too early. I think therein is one of the hazards of today's living. We don't want a young man to think of marriage until he is able to take care of a family, to have an institution of his own, to be independent. He must make sure that he has found the girl of his choice, they have gone together long enough that they know each other, and that they know each other's faults and they still love each other. I have said to the mission presidents (some of whom have been reported to us as saying to missionaries. "Now, if you are not married in six months, you are a failure as a missionary"), Don't you ever say that to one of your missionaries. Maybe in six months they will not have found a wife; and if they take you seriously, they may rush into a marriage that will be wrong for them."

President Harold B. Lee, Gen. Conf. October 1973

"The honest payment of tithing provides a person the inner strength and commitment to comply with the other commandments."

President Thomas S. Monson, Oct. 1996 Gen. Conf., "Be Thou an Example"