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General Conference

'The Sanctity of Womanhood' - Richard G. Scott - April 2000

'To Young Women' - Jeffrey R. Holland - Oct. 2005

General Resources

'Clothes Talk'  -  Shirley Klein  -  BYU Family Expo  -  April, 2003 - (listen to or download talk)

Modesty Reflects Discipleship, Commitment, Leaders Say - Church News

BYU Speeches

'Arise and Shine Forth' - Elaine S. Dalton

'Courage to Choose Modesty' - BYU Women's Conf.

"If the Savior Stood Beside Me, Would I Wear the Things I Wear?' - Carol F. McConkie - BYU Women's Conf. (PDF)

'Reverencing Womanhood'  -  Susan Bednar,  BYU-Idaho

Additional Articles

'Everything Good and Beautiful' - Liahona

'Modesty: A Timeless Principle for All' - Ensign

'Modesty Matters' - Ensign

'Modesty: Reverence for the Lord' - Robert D. Hales - Liahona

"More than Hemlines and Haircuts' -  Ensign

"To Clothe a Temple" -  Ensign

"Ye Are the Temple of God" - David A. Bednar - Ensign

Mormon Ads and New Era Posters

New Era Poster:  January 2006 - 'Are Your Standards Shrinking?'

Mormonads for Modesty

Youth Videos

'Deep Beauty'

'True Confidence'

Prayer / Modesty


"Are Latter-day Saint girls exempt from standards of modesty in dress while they are performing in marching or cheerleading groups?"

"Dress Stress" -  New Era

"Q&A: Questions and Answers" -  New Era

"Standards of Dress and Grooming" - Dallin H. Oaks - New Era

'The Sights We See' -  Richard L. Evans - "The Spoken Word" - New Era

Faith in God

For the Strength of Youth: 'Dress and Appearance'

Personal Progress

Duty to God.


Encyclopedia of Mormonism: Modesty

Encyclopedia of Mormonism: Modesty in Dress


Quotes  (LDS Daily WOOL)

Family Home Evening Lessons

'Modesty' - (PDF)