My Dream

family history

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Alice S. Fedden

I dreamed my Father called me home, 
Across the Great Divide. 
I was very much bewildered, 
I thought surely I had died.

St. Peter met me at the gate, 
He said, "Come follow me." 
"There's something I must show to you, 
Something you must see."

Then I saw rows of people, 
Standing in a line, 
When I looked them over, 
They were relatives of mind.

Some among the massive crowd, 
I remember well. 
Some had lived long years before, 
I came on earth to dwell.

There were my great-grandparents, 
Whom I was pleased to see... 
But when I walked toward them, 
They turned away from me.

Then I saw my cousins, 
My uncles, and my aunts. 
They said to me accusingly, 
"I didn't have the chance.

"To do the work that must be done, 
to start us on our way, 
to gain Eternal Life, 
So here we have to stay."

My father, and my mother too, 
Were standing far apart. 
They looked so disappointed, 
It made the teardrops start.

I turned and saw my Savior; 
On His face there was a frown. 
"I died upon the cross for them, 
and you have let them down."

"Behold your noble ancestors, 
waiting for the day, 
when you would open up the gates 
to help them on their way."

My heart was very heavy, 
As I looked those people o'er. 
The blinding tears ran down my face, 
I turned to Him once more.

"Please Blessed Savior, send me back, 
I'll make another try. 
I'll do the work for all my kin. 
I'm not prepared to die."

I will not miss a single one, 
I'm so ashamed, My Lord, 
I'll try to do each ordinance, 
According to thy word."

Then I awoke, the dream was gone. 
I had not passed away. 
But I made a resolution, 
To start that very day.

Baptisms, endowments, and sealings, 
I found were not a few, 
The more I searched and searched, 
The more I found to do.

But I will keep on hunting, 
And searching all the while. 
Next time I meet my ancestors, 
I'll meet them with a smile.