No Regret

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No Regret

Lucifer does not have power over a righteous individual because the Lord strengthens that person.  Be assured that were he to have such capacity he would use it. God's constant protection of our moral agency assures that he cannot have such power.  Satan can have no influence over a righteous individual unless that person yields to temptation or allows fear to overcome faith.

The devil does have great influence in this world, because individuals make the wrong choices.  He is the father of lies.  Nothing he tempts you to do will have a beneficial outcome--absolutely nothing. The hook may be baited by seemingly attractive promises and outcomes, but he is the master of deceit and his agents are powerfully effective in his cause.  As a servant of Jesus Christ, I bear solemn witness that as you trust the Lord, are obedient to His commandments, and follow the directions of the  Spirit, Satan will not have power over you.

Excerpt from Richard G. Scott's Nov. 12, 1999 Fireside "Have No Regrets"