Object Lesson Activity


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Author Unknown

Tell a story about a man that rode into town on a horse. The horse needed new horseshoes badly and the man was willing to pay cash.

Have the listeners assume they are the ones to put the horseshoes on the horse. Here are their two payment options: Which option would you choose?

A. The man would pay you $10,000 to shoe his horse 8 nails times 4 horseshoes.


B. The man will pay you 1 cent for the first nail and double each nail there after. I.E. 1st nail =1 penny; 2nd nail = 2 pennies; 3rd nail = 4 pennies; 4th nail = 8 pennies; etc

There will be a total of 32 nails and when you do the calculations you will see how it starts off really slow, but begins to add up exponentially very quickly. The 32nd nail would be worth $21,474,836.48 just for that nail.

Lesson: You never know the power of one conversion, one testimony - what is the effect of one such important decision???