Only Love Lasts Eternally


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Victoria J. Walker

The evening was gloomy on the mist-shrouded street,
As I was pushed and shoved on my way,
I looked at no one and they looked not at me,
Not one kindly smile fell astray.
The sounds of the masses swept impatiently by,
In the dusk of that October night,
And I thought not of my neighbors who walked past beside me,
Not a moment was I ever polite.
For I didn't know them, those strangers I saw,
And there were thousands on thousands to see,
So day after day, we'd push and we'd shove,
Like everyone else we would see.
But it happened one night as I started for home,
Yes, the instance that made me aware
That the eternal perspective had slipped from my life,
And I'd forgotten it ever was there.
As I stood on a corner in the rush of the crowd,
Impatiently waiting to cross,
A jolt from behind sent my parcels astray,
And any feelings of joy was then lost.
I wheeled in anger at the assailant behind me,
Who'd so rudely stumbled my way,
But waiting to greet me, as I turned in contempt,
Was the smile of an old man who did say:
"Oh, pardon me, sir, For bumping you so."
And he stooped down to gather my things,
And, "Hasn't this day been a beautiful one!
Why, it's made me feel much like a king."
Bewildered, I gazed at this strange little soul,
Clad in an old tattered coat.
For the earthly possessions he had to his name
Were few, if perhaps any, to note.
And I thought to myself,
"How could he feel like a king?
Why he's got nothing at all.
He's old and he's poor and he'll surely soon die,
With nobody caring at all."
But it came to me then, as I looked at his smile,
And then at the masses who pushed and shoved by,
He had that something, yes, love for his neighbors,
And I knew he was richer than I.
For sometimes we lose the perspective and purpose
Of just why we came here to earth.
The small little problems which face us each day
Make us lose the real purpose of birth.
We lived with our Father in Heaven before,
As spirits we stood by His side,
But we wanted a body, so we too could be Gods,
So to earth we were sent to be tried.
Why, that man over there, and that woman there too,
Were my brother and sister before.
How could I forget them, My family of old,
I must love them, and must tell them more.
Could small daily problems have done this to me?
Gotten me caught up in worldly things?
To forget that each person I pass on the street,
Has the potential to one day be king?
For that's what Christ taught us, by example and words,
To love our dear siblings of old.
To teach them the truth about spiritual things,
That they can't know without being told.
Oh, Heavenly Father, forgive me this day,
For the ignorant fool I have been,
And help me to keep my eternal perspective,
That I never will lose it again.
And I thank that dear man,
whom I bumped on the street,
For his sincere way of reminding me,
With his smile of concern for a neighbor in need,
That only love lasts eternally.