Patriarchal Blessing Quotes


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Quotes About Patriarchal Blessings

"Our patriarchal blessings are paragraphs from the book of our own possibilities. "

Karl G. Maeser

To what level does your patriarchal blessing reach in your life?  Can you recollect the time you received it and recover any of the spirit of the occasion?  Do you in quiet moments ponder it?  Does Karl G. Maeser's phrase, "paragraphs from the book of our possibilities" rest upon you with a sense of mission so that, as President Heber J. Grant exemplified, "you "dream nobly and manfully" and prepare ceaselessly?  Do you ever think of Heber C. Kimball's faith that you can "write your own patriarchal blessing" under inspiration, for, saith the Lord, "No good thing will I withhold..."

Truman G. Madsen, Meridian Magazine article, October 22, 2004

"To find the gifts we have been given, we must pray and fast.  Often Patriarchal blessings tell us the gifts we have received and declare the promise of gifts we can receive if we seek after them.  I urge you each to discover your gifts and to seek after those that will bring direction to your life's work and that will further the work of heaven."

Robert D. Hales: (BYU Speeches, 1992-93, p. 140)