Personal Experience with Callings

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A Story About a Personal Experience

I struggle personally with having the right attitude about callings at times.  I know we should accept callings we are asked to do and that we will grow and gain experience, etc. by doing so.  Only God knows the reasons behind many of our callings and how it will help us and others. 

You might meet a certain person you wouldn't otherwise, it might lead to a job opportunity--there are many things important to your future that only the Lord knows about that you may pass up by refusing a calling.

But I still struggle because some callings I would rather not do; so it's hard to accept and serve with the proper attitude.

But then, my experience as a parent, shows me how God must feel also.   Some of our children will do anything that I ask them to do--and there are jobs that I need done that are unpleasant, but necessary.

Then I have other children who want me to list 100 things that need doing and they want to pick and choose which ones they are willing to do.

I know, as a parent, which attitude I appreciate in my children and which ones I feel most like rewarding.