Satan's Plan of Attack

Plan of Attack

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Author Unknown

Satan had a conference with his disciples one day down in Hell. They were trying to decide how to deceive mankind and lead them away from God. One of the evil spirits said "Let's tell them there is no God." Satan thought about it for a while and said, "No. They know there is a God. They have testimonies and have seen His miracles. That would never work."

So another evil Spirit jumps up and says, "Let's tell them that there is no Devil!!" Satan thinks for a while and says "No. They know that we are here. They have been fighting against us for years. That would never work."

Finally, after sitting there for a long time in silence, this little old evil Spirit says quietly, "let's tell them there is no hurry." Satan's eyes lit up and a smile came across his face as he decided that this would be their best plan of attack.