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plan of happiness

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General Resources

Heavenly Father's Plan - We Can Find Happiness

Our Father's Plan is about Families

Our Father's Plan Is About Families - Full Talk


Scriptures on the Plan of Salvation



Additional Articles

Church Magazine articles on the Plan of Salvation

“Teaching Our Children the Plan of Salvation” - Ensign

BYU Speeches

"Guided Safely Home" - Marcus B. Nash - 2016

"How to Get Your Own Plan of Salvation" - Bruce R. McConkie (audio only)

"The Great Plan of Our God" - L. Tom Perry

"The Great Plan of Redemption"

Church Manuals

Lessons on the Plan of Salvation

Videos / Images

Videos on the Plan of Salvation

Video: Our Eternal Life

Image: Heavenly Father has a Plan for Me

Image: Oh How Great the plan of Our God

Image: Follow God's Plan

Image: Eternal Perspective

Family Home Evening

The Plan of Salvation (LDSLiving)