Pre-Mortal Life

premortal life

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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources) General Conference talks on the Premortal Life Gospel Topics: "Premortality" Learning Resources: "Premortality" Lesson Helps for Teaching Children Media Resources on Premortality Prophets and Church Leaders Talks Scriptures about Premortal Life

General Conference Talks

Premortality, a Glorious Reality

The Mystery of Life - Boyd K. Packer

Additional Articles

9 Things You Have Forgotten About Your Premortal Life - Brent L. Top

"If I was faithful in the premortal life, why is it so hard to be so now?" - from New Era September 2016

The Fulness of the Gospel: Life Before Birth

"What we know about Premortal Life" - Norman W. Gardner

Why can't we remember our premortal life as spirits, and when will those memories return?

Lessons in Church Manuals

Aaronic Priesthood Lesson about the Premortal Life

The Premortal Life and Council of Heaven

Young Women's Lesson about "What Happened in My Premortal Life?"

Family Home Evening Lessons

Premortal Life Family Home Evening Lesson

Week Three (9 Lessons for FHE on The Family)