Special Christmas Present

Christmas Present

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Baby Anna

While I was researching my father's line, his little sister did not display in the new FamilySearch. She died as an infant in 1930.

I contacted the Church through the "help" function in new FamilySearch and found out that the Church did not have her death recorded and so assumed she was still alive, which is why I could not see her (only direct line living relatives are displayed).

I contacted my Dad about getting a death certificate. While we were discussing the death certificate, he mentioned that she did not have a headstone on her grave. She died during the depression and my grandparents could not afford one.

I contacted my brothers and sisters and we all chipped in and purchased a headstone for her. My brother made a DVD which was played for my parents on Christmas Eve explaining the present. He posted the DVD on YouTube. Here is a link to the DVD:

Baby Anna

Brother Larson, Magna, Utah